Are Millennials missing something?

A poor RPG doesn't make you feel dejected?

I think that is one of the reasons why i started being interested in the history of our hobby and that is what triggered my collecting mania.

The subtle feeling that there MUST be more than meets the eye.

You play Dungeons & Dragons for a couple of years, then you realize the many inconsistencies it has or you just aren't satisfied with one or two official mechanics of play -  so, instead of trying to fix the problem by implementing an house rule that you just devised, you decide to look around to check if there exists another role-playing game that suits your needs.

Yes, at that time (when i discovered for the first time games such as Rolemaster, for instance) i felt that D&D encroached on my intellectual horizon, preventing me from relishing higher tastes.

Higher tastes.

The attitude of keeping playing Dungeons & Dragons blindy, without considering all the other fantasy role-playing games that were produced and published in the past, thus ignoring all the different perspectives would have jeopardized my entire game life.

Most of all, what i wanted to accomplish was to find out which were (in my opinion, of course) the best fantasy rpg's ever published in the history of our hobby.

Imagine that someone prevents you from knowing some important pieces of information, and therefore you are doomed to experience just a portion of the whole reality.

In this way, the consequence might be that you will be able to experience a crass kind of entertainment, a crass kind of joy (yes, i am using the word JOY, because that is what i feel when i play, so it is not an over-statement). You will never come to know that "unknown joys" are there and await to be picked up and savoured. No one tells you that.

You never felt in danger like this?

And, more importantly, the so-called "Millennials" are missing something valuable not knowing the predecessors of the latest edition of D&D that they are currently playing?


Tortured souls #6

I think i gave issue 1,3,4 and 7 so far (i can't remember). This is issue #6. Enjoy.



The fantasy RPG i daydream about

At times the thought of writing a personal fantasy role-playing game deeply rooted in my old-school knowledge wanders through my mind. It is not the first time it happens.

 In my grand dream, it would be a modular game, where you can use different sub-systems of your choice (among those available) in dealing with combat, character generation, etc...It would be a sort of mix between many old and glorious rpg's that i have come to known in my life. Totally old school, with rules never before seen.

Only God knows if i ever write this game. I am not balking at the project, maybe the right idea would be that of doing it all as a kickstarter project.

Also, the potential title perplexes me. I am not english mothertongue, so i am asking those who read a serious question (because i maintain that the title is the most important aspect of a game), how does "Sleep & Sortileges" sound to an american ear?


Mesmerizedbysirens changes

Mesmerized by sirens has been online since 2011. Besides, some among you are aware that i had a previous website before embarking on this project which had been running for several years as well.

Taking into account all this, and after 432 posts, 1012 comments and 144 followers, i think i pretty much contributed to the OSR community (mainly in terms of obscure fantasy role-playing games knowledge database).

Time changes. Time is tyrant. And i have literally tons of other interests in life in addition to fantasy rpg's. Also, the audience nowadays is somewhat lazy (largely due to our common habit of using social networks and the like, perhaps), and therefore the written form of communication is increasingly becoming cumbersome.

Given all this, i am certainly not going to give up my "mission", but -to cut it short- it may well be that this blog will turn into a VIDEO BLOG. As you may have noticed, i already made some short videos and i found this is fun and much easier for me than writing long posts.

Should i opt for writing about the games i intend to talk about, i would surely need more than one lifetime.

 But i positively believe that making videos instead could prove very useful to my cause, hence the change. Nay, to be honest i should admit that i am quite excited because i realized for the first time that making video posts halves the time and this is good news because i could finally analyze all the games in my collection- a task that i consider impossible if i rely only on the written medium.

The official address of the Youtube channel is:


Of course all the new post will appear here as well.
So even if you follow only this web page that you are currently reading, you won't miss anything.

Phantasy Conclave RPG Part III (Character attributes)

Phantasy conclave RPG Part II (History of the world)


Are we eternalizing Dungeons & Dragons?

Cubicle 7 Entertainment and Sophisticated Games have announced plans to make a Dungeons & Dragons® compatible roleplaying series for J R R Tolkien’s legendary fantasy world of Middle-earth, the setting for The Lord of the Rings® and The Hobbit®.

I wasn't particularly excited when i read this piece of news yesterday.
We already have a beautiful game set in Middle earth which was published by the same company.
Countless gamers out there already tried the so-called "porting" (as this term is used in the software field): that is, trying to adapt Tolkien to D&D mechanics or vice versa.

I am not saying that Cubicle 7 won't be able to do that: quite the opposite. I feel they are likely to publish a decent game, considering how well they did with their entire line.

But this is not the point of my rumbling today. 
 thiInk - quite simply- that Tolkien fans and people who want to play in a Tolkien environment should stick to "The One ring" RPG or for what that matters, to MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing game) by ICE. Or "Tiers Age". (link here).

But please, stop try to tweak D&D to anything. This is the same old blind attempt. As far as i am concerned, this is tantamount to believing that only D&D exists- without taking into account that other games serve the scope in a far better way, without admitting that there are rule sets devised specifically to convey a certain flavour to your game sessions.

And this is, again, one of the reasons why in the past D&D "clones" or other fantasy games published by other companies never really hit the market. They provided other flavour to the game sessions, but people instead tried to correct and make amendments to Dungeons & dragons when they realized that its rules were not fit and that there were "holes".

When D&D isn't enough, that prods us to see things right. And maybe to change our game of choice.
We are compelled to use another system, not to tweak D&D instead.
If we hanker to have a Tolkien-like experience, we should use TOR by Cubicle 7, not D&D.
But it seems that we always grudgingly recognize that D&D may not suffice.

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