(Live) old fantasy RPG's broadcast

On Wednesday July 27th, at midday (New York time) I will be broadcasting a live session of "Phantasy conclave" role-playing game.
It is going to take place on my personal Periscope channel.

If you have never heard of it, it is basically an Android app which lets you broadcast public or private live streams. Anyone can join and connect (I know for certain that it can handle more than a thousand connections at a time) but I will accept only the first 4 persons who connects to it as playtesters.
These can interact with me through the built-in text chat.
But all the others can still watch the broadcast without any problem.

To find my channel is pretty easy, in Periscope app, just search my channel name, which goes under the name "cataclib". Then add me (follow me), and you are done.

This is the first time I'm doing such a thing, so it has value as an experiment as well.
The idea is to split the program in two parts, the first dedicated to creating characters, and the next one will be devoted to play the introductory adventure contained in the original boxed set.


The Convert

A fantasy adventure published in 1987.
As usual,I like uncommon stuff and I don't remember -as far as I know- of having read posts in other blogs about this module.
Those interested to have a glimpse of this item, contact me through e-mail.
As you can see, I inserted the mail where I can receive PM on the right corner of the web page.


Vote for this!

Now let's do something interactive and see how many votes this series of module gets.

It's your time to throw a vote to let everyone know if you would like what's in the picture on my blog.


A foreign rarity

This is one of the rarest RPG that I own.
I think I should translate it into English one day. A so called "fantasy heartbreaker" which you may mine for unusual ideas.

Wizard's aide (1977)



Lots of OSR goodies today

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There may be a couple of documents that i had already shared in the past, but all in all i am pretty sure that most of them are new here on my blog.
As a rule of thumb,if you like what you see,then join the blog or don't forget to say thanks.

Dragon tree spell book.zip
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