Everyone asks for Melanda

As months pass, i keep receiving comments from people interested in knowing more about Melanda rpg.

See for instance the latest comments here and here.

Now i realized that it is sold out even on Noble knight website (here).

There are so many vintage role-playing games i should write about, but at this point i can't disappoint the faithful followers of my blog so i have decided to start highlighting Melanda on these pages.

In what forms i'll do it, i still don't know. Cover to cover? That would be wonderful, albeit maybe too painful for me.

Unfortunately i'm going through a long period where i don't feel like posting much (you may have noticed it, apart from the recent uncovering of Prince Valiant rpg which alone is worth one hundred posts...), but when i see fellow players and enthusiasts eager to know about an out-of-print rpg, asking for it...you always succeed in making me feel as during my golden years of collecting obscure rarities through ebay and the like.

So i promise that i'll start something in May, keep your eyes open.


Prince valiant (1989)

After having unearthed "The Compleat Warlock", "Spawn of Fashan", "Proportional combat system" and other exquisite obscurities, it's time for another little gem coming from 1989.

Judging from a couple of reviews which can be read on Amazon website, it seems this game deserves the attention of us- senior players and game masters.

For instance, Mr. Aaron Zirkelbach tells us: "By far, the most underrated RPG of all time"- and someone else informs us that "Prince Valiant" is "quick, clever and virtually unknown".

You can read both reviews here.



Oroborus is a new multi-genre roleplaying game. It is designed to be highly adaptible and emphasizes character development and imaginative roleplaying in any setting. 

Oroborus is based around the idea that you don't need a lot of complex rules to create a powerful and detailed roleplaying system. A few simple, flexible mechanics cover a multiverse of possibilities. 

Characters are developed through descriptive point allocation and an adaptive skill system that lets players have exactly the characters they want, tailored to the setting in which they are playing. All skills, including combat are resolved using a simple, universal system which handles comparative and qualitative skills with elegance. Oroborus offers rules which are simple enough for beginners, but with depth and flexibility for experienced players. 

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