Oroborus is a new multi-genre roleplaying game. It is designed to be highly adaptible and emphasizes character development and imaginative roleplaying in any setting. 

Oroborus is based around the idea that you don't need a lot of complex rules to create a powerful and detailed roleplaying system. A few simple, flexible mechanics cover a multiverse of possibilities. 

Characters are developed through descriptive point allocation and an adaptive skill system that lets players have exactly the characters they want, tailored to the setting in which they are playing. All skills, including combat are resolved using a simple, universal system which handles comparative and qualitative skills with elegance. Oroborus offers rules which are simple enough for beginners, but with depth and flexibility for experienced players. 



I felt like a benighted soul when i saw this

A very obscure fantasy rpg....it seems that i will never manage to own every fantasy rpg published, this is an example of an item so rare that you'd better not desire if you don't want to get disappointed due to its unavailability.

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