The World of Synnibar

The main purpose of this blog is broadening knowledge about old and obscure fantasy role-playing game, but from time to time i try to highlight games of niche which aren't strictly "fantasy" but nonetheless are hard to obtain nowadays in their original form.

I already made an exception with "Reich Star" (link here), and today i go on with another game: "The World of Synnibar".


Tortured souls #7

Here you are, one more issue of this wonderful old magazine packed with AD&D adventures and scenarios.

I already posted TS 1,3 and 4 besides this, so if someone missed the previous entries, let me know in the comment form below.


Clark Ashton Smith - rare articles & essays I

The last post of the day is about Clark Ashton Smith.

I'm beginning to post here some old essays and articles about him and his works that aren't currently on Eldritch dark website, so they are pretty rare (as everything you find on my blog, after all).

I recently bought the first paperback volume of "The Collected fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith" published by Night Shade Books this month for the first time.

They are in fact re-publishing all the series, but this time in softcover format rather than hardback format.

The Bard of Auburn has always been my main inspiration and the writer who had the biggest impact on my imagination, so from time to time you can expect posts about him on this site.

And i come back with...a collection of rare adventures for AD&D!

In some old posts on this blog i offered TS1 and TS3 (though i'm petty sure someone missed them-in that case, ask)- and since i remember these were appreciated and some readers had the desire of seeing the rest of it, i thought it was fit for my return in the blogosphere if i could provide TS material again.


Where have i been?

Hi everyone,

it's been several months since my last posting on the blog. I have been through a difficult time in writing on this website, not for lack of creativity or inspiration (there would be many topics to write about, after all), but i found the "duty" of typing very cumbersome and tiring lately, up to the point that my mind wandered and i even thought for a brief moment about setting up a youtube channel instead of a blog, something like "Old school empire"...or something similar.

I hope that this phase will prove to be surmountable and that i will have the chance to anwer to those who read this blog that "you all have been gullible in believing that the owner of this diary had decided to disappear from the scene", but in any case i thought that i had to drop you a line after three months just to highlight the fact that it is not that i lost interest in role-playing games all of a sudden.

Maybe my priorities changed? It may be- i never re-check my old posts and it is likely that if i should do it, perusing old comments of mine i could feel another me- different from my current myself- who is speaking.

Nonetheless, i was rummaging through my collection lately and i always end up with the same feeling: it would be a crime from my part not to talk. I counted that i own at least twelve old-school role-playing games that no one has or knows something about, so just for this reason i should in some way continue to spread info.

This morning i have found it somewhat easier to write a post because i haven't touched a laptop for more than one month, so when you turn it on after a long time you feel fresh and it seems as when you started writing posts as a youngster. I rode the wave to write this brief message.

What i am doing in terms of rpg playing in this period?
Well, just to reflect my current mood, i stopped dungeon mastering AD&D with my goup because we found another DM (and i am glad of that), and what i'd like to accomplish for the year to come is to find inspiration to run at least one session per month of Powers & Perils, but no more than that. That would mean that i will be dungeon mastering for no more than ten times a year, rather than once a week as i was used to until recently.

Bye for now,



Sex and skills in Melanda

As promised, i'm starting to write something as i read Melanda rpg (link).

SEX: In Melanda, one may be male or female, or do without. The choice is entirely up to the player.

BASIC SKILLS: These skills are essential to adventuring in Melanda.

For instances, crude weaponry: this indicates the experience in fighting with objects other than your fist, whether it be a broomstick, hoe, chair, or beer mug.It affects your striking capability with weapons of any type.

Basic outdoor survival and Horsemanship are among the skills that are considered essential for Melandian characters.

Then we have other skills, that are called support skills, which apparently are not as essential as those specified above, but nonetheless may equip your character with useful knowledge.

Climbing, swimming, hunting, are good examples among these.

Also, Shadowing: within cities lurk many who should be followed,observed, or tracked: here's how.

Then there's a skill which gives me the impression of the first encounter with the Melandian Weltanschauung.

Camouflage/Concealment: the ability to hide one's self or others (including objects, within reason) from normal view.
The player is required to come up with the idea of how to hide or where to conceal the subject. The ability then grants the player to do so with a greater chance of success.

Pilfering: You possess experience in removing items from the pockets,backpacks,saddle bags of others. .It also covers petty thievery from establishments (shoplifting).

Plant tending: Background in plant lore will serve as a starting point for realizing the living nature of the vegetable kingdom.In Melanda, this is more crucial than you might think for you will find personality everywhere and someday may learn that your best friend is a begonia!

Combat skills: archery, hand projectiles, two-handed weaponry, swordmanship, etc... are all available.

Your race, social status, and age determine together which and how many skills you may have acquired in your youth days. Once you reach adulthood, it is supposed that you have the opportunity to travel so you may acquire other skills that you desire.

For instance, Baltak was raised in the Baladl community. He was the son of a city guard lieutenant.This made him a member of the privileged class.

So, Baltak was exposed daily to mining and crude weaponry (scrapping is a way of life for Baladel),subterranean navigation, and (due to his father's position in the fortifications of the city) the construction and maintenance of mechanical traps and snares. As a privileged youth, he is entitled to eight additional choices of skills from those available in his community. Finally, he is entitled to six  choices as an adult.

In the next post we'll take a look at how the initial choice (race and social status) affect the next stage of character data- statistics.
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