The first OSR rules-heavy fantasy RPG?

Perhaps. In any case, i'm reading this game and i'm growing more and more fond of it.


"Runebearer is a free web published fantasy rpg. Dangerous and tactical Runebearer is a call back to the rules heavy rpgs of the 80's"

From a review available on RPG.NET here:

"the game seem like a lost manuscript from 1985"

I started reading it, as i said before. I must admit that i love -nay, i adore passages like this one:

Hit points indicate how much damage a character can take before being wounded, knocked unconscious and killed. In a game where combat is a common occurrence, having a lot of hit points is a good thing. In other games, having lots of hit points cannot hurt.
Hit points are figured using the following formula:

HIT = TOU + ½ STR + ½ WIL + 8

It can be downloaded for free here.


JDJarvis said...

Years back when it was first put on the web some folks would have called it a Heartbreaker I always classified it as a quality homebrew game.

chris said...

Thanks for the mention. Even in its current, fairly quiet state, it is nice to see people still finding and enjoying the game. Runebearer is still under development and is still being played.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them along.

Thanks again!

Catacomb librarian said...

my pleasure Chris :)

Which games did you take inspiration from while devising Runebearer?

chris said...

The initial concept for Runebearer was to merge the ideas I liked from Fantasy Hero (point buy, the basic combat and maneuvers) with all of the stuff I liked from the games of my youth (random stat generation, interesting spell lists). So HERO System and AD&D are primary influences.

But I have no shame and so I took ideas from all over the spectrum. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Jorune, Rolemaster, Runequest and the oft maligned, but lovable Fantasy Wargaming all influenced Runebearer. Years later, I took the one thing I enjoy about D&D3.x, feats, and used them to create the talent system.

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