The Magnamund Companion

Not everyone is aware of this awesome fantasy setting, so here it is.

I started my fantasy role-playing hobby with videogames as well as the Lone wolf series of gamebooks, so i think that i will give it a shot sooner or later, throwing my players in this fascinating world.

To me, it seems so real, i don't know why but it exerts a great force on my imagination, probably because it involves my childhood memories in a feverishly manner.




Mustaine HF said...

I didn't know there was an Companion version back in the day. It looks is in Spanish language. Do you an English one as well?

Catacomb librarian said...

the link at mediafire is the english version my dear.

beasterbrook said...

Haven't seen the spanish version before. this is the same cover as the US version, the UK version has a differnt one (google image search will show you it if you look).. from memory contents were the same.. Brette:)

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