Two tables I would be willing to borrow from Harnmaster

Here they are: two tables of Harnmaster rpg that i like.Both of them are taken from Harnmaster 1st edition (1986) by Columbia games.  The first one are guidelines for a sort of “alignment” system, while the other deals with various activities that a cleric may perform in order to acquire “Piety points” by the expenditure of which the god you worship may be prone to listen to your requests. In this way, we have a cleric unlike that that can be found in AD&D (if I recall correctly) who has to accomplish religious tasks and duties before he can hope to “cast” a clerical spell that works. Of course under special circumstances (that is, if you gain a lot of piety points) your god might even help you on extraordinary occasions where you are risking your very life (for instance, through the bestowing of  a miracle). Quite interesting in my opinion.


Stu Rat said...

You left "Permissions" on. So if someone was interested in viewing this they would need your specific permission to do so. At least that is my understanding of the message. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't really do Google Docs.

Aaron E. Steele said...

I quite like the Harn clerical magic system.

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