While the world rejoice for the 40th anniversary of D&D, i celebrate 30 years of Powers & Perils

Powers & Perils was published by Avalon Hill in 1983 and, as of today- still has a devoted community (which can be reached at www.powersandperils.org ).

According to the "worldwide players list" (here), there are more or less fifty dungeon masters scattered around the globe who are able to handle sessions of this game and who still do.

To celebrate thirty years of this old-school fantasy rpg, vituperated by many and loved by many others, i prepared a special file containing all the five books in a gorgeous (i think) format.

Grab this and you'll have 224 pages of goodies at your fingertips in just one PDF file, quite different from the dry-looking files you maybe downloaded in the past from the official site.



Luca Lorenzon said...

Thank you!

Jon Hiesfelter said...

I'm a fan, having lusted after P&P when it came out. But I'd appreciate a download service that didn't have an intrusive installer. Thanks, though.

Anonymous said...

Depositfiles doesn't seem to work on Android. The download just disappears around the 90MB mark. Strange.

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