Why everybody should quit playing Dungeons & Dragons

The Complete Warlock
1st ed (1975) The SPARTAN
1st ed by Robert Cowan, Dave Clark, Kenneth M. Dahl, Nick Smith (1978) Balboa, Inc.
This was a variant ofDungeons & Dragons. It which originally appeared in issue #9 of "The Spartan" simulation gaming journal as an article entitled "Warlock: or How to Play D&D Without Playing D&D". It later appeared as a product from Balboa, Inc. It had two supplements, "Warlock's Tower" in 1979 (with new monsters, new rules for thieves, and many new magic items) and "The Warlock Menagerie" in 1980 (with over 100 new monsters and other new material).

From the introduction: 

"A few years ago, the first copies of a new game called Dungeons and Dragons appeared on the market. Fantasy fans and gamers in general were enthralled at the possibilities. Most of them became hooked on the game, due to its unusual and imaginitive nature. You could actually do unusual things: slay dragons, rescue the downtrodden, and just grab loot.

When our group first started playing the game, our overall reaction was that it had great ideas, 'but maybe we should change the combat system, clarify the magic, and re-do the monsters.' Warlock is not intended to replace D&D, and, indeed, would not exist without that classic game. What we have tried to do is to present a way of expanding D & D without the contradictions and loopholes inherent in the original rules and the various supplements. By putting together one set of rule changes and interpretations and playing by them for three years, we have developed something that works pretty well. We spent a considerable amount of time working out a solid combat system, a coherent magic system, and a more flexible way of handling monsters as monsters, rather than as men dressed up in gorilla suits. We have been (rightly) accused of making D&D into a different game altogether, but we think it is an enjoyable one, and hope you do, as well."




....These are all books or games that deserve to be read and not lay in the shadows of mystery - being simply entries on a website.

All were purchased at some expense and scanned for the sole purpose of sharing them and again not letting them fall into the annals of history.

Liberated from the days of lore - I present some treasures from the early days of D&D...

The Complete Warlock


DOWNLOAD LINK: ask in comments

Warlock's Tower


DOWNLOAD LINK: ask in comments


Roger the GS said...

I love the sheer grottiness of those early-days heartbreakers.

Alec Semicognito said...

Thanks, brother. Best that these be shared, read, and used instead of hoarded and resold by collectors as an investment.

Luca Lorenzon said...

As usual, thank you very much!

perdustin said...

Bless you

Charlie Warren said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting this up!!

Noah Stevens said...

For this thing you have done, a million million Aleaxes will accompany your soul through the Astral Plane

Well done, well done now wing thee to the next

Catacomb librarian said...

Spread the gospel of Warlock my friends.
I think i'll run a session with my players in the next months or so, after a break from our Powers & Perils campaign.

If we were living in 1975 now, i'd surely play "The Compleat Warlock" instead of OD&D with my friends.

most importantly, people in 2014 must be given the chance to discover these games from the past.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I wasn't expecting this. I am very grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to look at this RPG.

Thank you.

The Flying Falafel Brothers said...

what happened to the download links?

Catacomb librarian said...

You didn't grab it in the last few days? Just let me know

The Flying Falafel Brothers said...

I found it in another place in the end but o would still like to get hold of the NPC collection. Also found the 2000 edition of Warlock on the Retroroleplaying site. I really enjoyed reading this system.
What I would really like to lay my hands on is a copy Tyr Games Space quest

Travis Casey said...

Just finding this now, and would love a download link if it's still possible! Otherwise, thanks anyway and good gaming!

Maestromo said...

Would love a copy of this if possible. Having a look through your posts and I'm impressed/jealous of your collection :)

Catacomb librarian said...

Hi, drop me a mail at:


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