A splendiferous old fantasy rpg among us

You can currently found the complete edition of Chivalry & Sorcery: The Rebirth at RPGNOW following this link.

I downloaded it today, and what is awesome is that they provided as a FREE download not only the main rulebook but "Magick & Miracles" and "The Game master's handbook" as well, so what you can get absolutely fo free is the entire fourth edition of "Chivalry & Sorcery" fantasy role-playing game.

Sure, this is not the legendary 1st or 2nd edition, but if you have never tried this old fantasy rpg (published for the first time in 1977), you should really give it a try.

I regard Ed Simbalist as the greatest mind behind the rpg history, and if you are curious you can read what he himself thought and wrote about the differences between Dungeons & Dragons and Chivalry & Sorcery following this old post of mine. 

If you don't download these three books for free, you know you are destined to hell in the afterlife.


A.B. Prosper said...

Best to save me a nice spot in the gamer afterlife than.

I actually owned the books in print.

As for CS proper, its a solid game. Pretty much all of 1-2e can be had in an 864! page compilation edition.

You can get that here

Its an acquired taste I think and I find some of the mechanics a bit dated and complex myself. That said I'd play a game in a heartbeat and I might, if my players were set for it, consider running.

I have a great group, open to older games (we ran B/X D&D for a bit) but they are rules lazy, so C&S is well above them. Sigh.

Lastly if you run out of older games to talk about, you might try some of the 90's games like 5th Circle or Hahlmabrea or Tales of Gargenthir . They are a bit later than your focus on the roots of our hobby but in their own way also deserve to be remembered

I'm kind of tempted to do a post of Legendary Lives myself if you don't mind me borrowing a bit of your thunder

Last and a bit off topicyou've mentioned Melanda a couple of times .This is kind of my grail old school game. Its not something I can afford at the usual prices I wondered if you had heard more about it or maybe a 3rd edition or a low cost PDF or something?

Catacomb librarian said...

I will investigate the games you mention,Halmabrea and the other one,though i'm not very much into games after 1989.
As for Legendary lives,i know it but i didn't understand what you mean:you would like to write a post about it here on my blog or do you have a blog of your own?
Lastly,Melanda: a third edition and a pdf edition don't exist on the market,and i noticed that it is sold out at Noble Knight website.
I have a personal digital edition (i scanned my copy).
You are not the first person asking for Melanda,so maybe it may well be time to analyse this game on my site,keep an eye open for future posts.

A.B. Prosper said...

I have a blog of my own and as Legendary Lives is free, I might well do a post on it. The older non D&D games are kind of your thing hence "borrowing your thunder" Sorry for the confusion,

Legendary Lives interesting game in its own right though like the others I mentioned is a few years off your own bailiwick. The 1st edition was from I think 1991.

As for Melanda, I'll certainly keep my eyes open! I've read the reviews and a single sample page that I found on the wayback machine and that's about all that seems to be out here.

Stephan O'Sullivan father of Fudge and grandad of FATE spoke highly of the game and while he is not as big part of our little community as he once was, I always respected his work.

Anyway the games you cover mostly got missed the 1st time, few have an associated community (unlike Chivalry and Sorcery which has LOCS) and good or bad deserve a second chance. Its worthy that you do this and keep up the good work.

Catacomb librarian said...

Looking forward to reading your post about Legendary lives!

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