I felt like a benighted soul when i saw this

A very obscure fantasy rpg....it seems that i will never manage to own every fantasy rpg published, this is an example of an item so rare that you'd better not desire if you don't want to get disappointed due to its unavailability.


5 Stone Games said...

Wow! Great find. I was a playtester for that and I had no idea that was actually published.

I think it was well below the internet threshold though I might have seen a mention of it years ago on a person webpage, in the 90's early 2000's maybe?

It was so long ago and a brief session for me so I don't have all that many recollections.My memory is sketchy after all that time

However I seem to remember it being quite complex with many many types of armor and weapons

The magic system bits I saw were filled with all sorts of crazy energy blast effects, fire, ice, plasma you name it.

The game also used rather large numbers sorts of acronyms, one I think was something like YCCTMBYAI , you can carry this much before you are encumbered, that kind of thing.

Cool to see it though and keep up the good work!

Catacomb librarian said...

thank you for your precious recollections of this game!

Hopefully some day we will see it re-issued..who knows?

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