Mesmerizedbysirens changes

Mesmerized by sirens has been online since 2011. Besides, some among you are aware that i had a previous website before embarking on this project which had been running for several years as well.

Taking into account all this, and after 432 posts, 1012 comments and 144 followers, i think i pretty much contributed to the OSR community (mainly in terms of obscure fantasy role-playing games knowledge database).

Time changes. Time is tyrant. And i have literally tons of other interests in life in addition to fantasy rpg's. Also, the audience nowadays is somewhat lazy (largely due to our common habit of using social networks and the like, perhaps), and therefore the written form of communication is increasingly becoming cumbersome.

Given all this, i am certainly not going to give up my "mission", but -to cut it short- it may well be that this blog will turn into a VIDEO BLOG. As you may have noticed, i already made some short videos and i found this is fun and much easier for me than writing long posts.

Should i opt for writing about the games i intend to talk about, i would surely need more than one lifetime.

 But i positively believe that making videos instead could prove very useful to my cause, hence the change. Nay, to be honest i should admit that i am quite excited because i realized for the first time that making video posts halves the time and this is good news because i could finally analyze all the games in my collection- a task that i consider impossible if i rely only on the written medium.

The official address of the Youtube channel is:


Of course all the new post will appear here as well.
So even if you follow only this web page that you are currently reading, you won't miss anything.


Balkhmog said...

If you're going to make videos anyways, you definitely need to post them on a Youtube dedicated channel as well. Same work, much increased visibility.

Anonymous said...

Subscribed. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on vlogging; They each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

My advice (for what it's worth): Invest in a good microphone and video camera. Learn where to find some good public domain music (for background music). You don't need to become an expert in video production but your message might get lost if you produce "selfie"-quality videos.

Have your vlog complement your blog, not replace it. Get your vlog traffic to go to your blog and your blog traffic to go to your vlog.

Ask yourself what you can do in a vlog that would be very difficult to accomplish with a blog. Perhaps you can showcase (with your friends) a very simple game in Phantasy Conclave (and other RPGs as well). A lot of people have probably never seen a tabletop RPG demonstrated. Unboxing videos are also popular (you've already done that with Phantasy Conclave). Demonstrate how to make a character in the RPGs.

Have fun and experiment to see what works best for you. Good luck!

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