Time to fall in love again

Sorry folks for my absence and the lack of posts; just when i had planned to make a series of posts for slowly examining "The Compleat Warlock" rpg, i stumbled upon an old game (and i fell in love!) a game  that i had almost forgotten- i mean, it's not that i forgot this very well known rpg, but this particular edition (the 3rd) and it's charm had eluded me and had almost waned from my teenage memories.

I am talking about Runequest 3rd edition published in 1987 by Avalon hill/ Games workshop...i recently got a copy of this and i was, well,...mesmerized-
This 3rd edition is lavishly illustrated and the paintings are gorgeous in UK "White dwarf style", and moreover the content seems to be straight my cup of tea, with several "not-so-easy" rules tables to grasp in what looks like an attempt at providing realism (particularly,  combat realism).

But, man! The monster volume which accompanies this volume was the last strike and paralyzed my will. The fantastic and malignant illustrations to be found therein, along with stats such as "monster fatigue points"...i'm in love. I think that's my game. And there's even "Advanced Runequest" with more rules for those inclined to achieve more precision whilst gaming...how was it that these three volumes skipped my radar for so long?

Actually it's not that i was not aware of their existence, but they were like buried in my memories, but i vividly recall that as a teenager they impressed me and sparked my imagination just by looking at the covers (yes, the covers are that important). But i had never physically owned them. Until now.

So now i am in the process of reading it, hence my silence. It seems that i am embarking in a new and exciting journey. As always, the motto "too many games, too little time" is still true and reasonates with me.

Besides, i acquired a copy of the very first edition of "Thieves Guild" by Gamelords and all the ten supplements....so now more than ever i am surrounded by any kind of old fantasy system imaginable since my collection has grown really too big at this point and i must admit that i am confused :)


Luca Lorenzon said...

I have the Italian edition of the last Runequest, along with "L'Arena dei Mostri" (the bestiary), but they stopped producing it :(

Great game, but I still prefer Rolemaster.

I don't remember having seen the edition you are talking about, seems great!

The Angry Monk said...

Have you listened to the Grognard Files podcast? Their first few episodes are about Runequest (different edition though). Where do you find all these treasures? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on all these things.

Tedankhamen said...

Run a game on Constantcon!

faoladh said...

RQ3 and Thieves' Guild? I look forward to further posts!

I love TG6 so much that I generally adapt its "saltbox" rules for other games. Still the best for that purpose.

RQ6/Mythras is a pretty good version that develops RQ3, but I'd rather take some of the ideas (Mysticism, notably) from the later version and adapt them to RQ3.

Catacomb librarian said...

@The Angry monk: didn't know about that podcast,but yes it seems it deals with the latest Runequest incarnations which i'm not really interested in- but thanks for the tip.

@Faoladh:yes one of the great things about those ten Thieves guild supplements is that each contained new rules additions to be added to the first official volume. I personally love such a way of "distributing" rules clarifications using subsequent expansions...much like the Rolemaster companions.

Rick said...

back around 1999, Avalon hill had a special to get rid of this game, out of their inventory, so you could buy a 4 or 5 book lot for about 20 bucks. I got it, it came with the Runequest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Boxed Set, a box of Adventure sheets (character sheets),Strangers in Prax, Sun Country, Shadows on the Borderland, and Lords of Terror. All factory sealed. The AH/Chaosium deal had no worked out, and they were closing out the storeroom.

I never got to play it, no one I knew wanted to leave D&D or Palladium, so they still sit on my shelf.

I did grab the Quickstart (7th? 6th?) from free rpg day, and am working on getting the guys at my gaming store to try it for a session...


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