Melanda, a couple of scans

My cyber-friend over at UNDERWORLD KINGDOM seems quite interested in knowing more about "Melanda", released in 1980 (see the RPG ENCYCLOPEDIA here) and about which i wrote other posts in the past (just make a search on the left top of the blog to find out). He contacted me and asked to give insights around this game.

Now, it seems i managed at last to fix my scanner (i am under Ubuntu now and i am still practicing), so this evening i scanned the first four pages (not counting the cover).

Keep in mind that i own a 2nd edition of this game, though i crave for a 1st ed...

More will follow. www.ImageBanana.com - Image0002.jpeg www.ImageBanana.com - Image0003.jpeg www.ImageBanana.com - Image0004.jpeg www.ImageBanana.com - Image0005.jpeg


Omlet said...

Thanks alot.
Yay, only sixty more pages! :D

Adam Dray said...

How can you tell what edition it is? My copy just has "Copyright (C) 1981 John Corradin and Lee McCormick" on the bottom of page 1.

Another collector of old things,

Catacomb librarian said...

1st edition is this one, and it costs much much more...


while 2nd edition is the only one you can still find on NK website, and its cover is orange.

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