OSR 2.0 is here. A sevenfold proof.

What is 0SR 2.0, exactly?

I would like to call it "the re-surfacing and re-publishing of old and lesser known (and lesser played) fantasy role-playing games after the first wave of OSR has come to a point of saturation".

1- HEROES by Dave Millward (here)

2- BEASTS, MEN & GODS(here)



5- HEROES AND OTHER WORLDS (here) (clone of "The Fantasy Trip")

Other Worlds await!

6- PERILS ETERNAL (a Powers & Perils simulacra currently under construction- cover in development)

7- (tentative release, base on statements made by its original author, namely John Corradin) A republishing of "MELANDA" (read at the bottom of this post if you still are unaware of that)


Omlet said...

Unfortunately HotDA is ridiculously overpriced.

Brett Slocum said...

You aren't kidding about over-priced. For $56, I expect four-color printing and a hardcover.

Brett Slocum said...

And at least 240 pages, not 120.

frothsof said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what does HotDA stand for?

Brett Slocum said...

Heroes of the Dark Ages, the 1.2 edition of Heroes.

frothsof said...

Ah, thanks! I hadn't had a chance to click the links yet. Thanks for putting this list together! I wouldn't have heard of half of this!

Anonymous said...

Definitely out of my price range, which is a shame since I would've splashed the cash had the price (with postage) been reasonable. Millward's decision not to do pdf will hurt his sales big time, but that's his choice.

Doomsdave said...

I will probably invest in all of these except Heroes. I hope Melanda is in my price range. Whether the OSR is into 2.0 or not. I'm certainly happy about the saturation.

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