Pristine (shrink wrapped!) copies of Zorin Greystarr await you on May, 30th.

First post for the ORPGAD already popped up:



Anonymous said...

Your competition, your rules, none of my business, but given Dragon Half RPG was published in 1991, it doesn't seem to fit in the competition's requirement of being "published between 1975 and 1989".

If you're going to allow the date to be stretched a bit CL please tell us, because there was some pretty obscure stuff published in the early 90's.

Catacomb librarian said...

Yes, Dragon half was published in 1991.

if it is a matter of a couple of years forward, i will make exceptions in order to enable more bloggers to participate, but i won't definitely allow to write about a game, say, published in 1994 or thereabouts.

Tedankhamen said...

Tedankhamen here,

As I mentioned on my blog, I support the initiative of ORPGAD, and already acknowledged my review might not be eligible. I also mentioned that although Dragon Half did come out in 91, the system it is based on is dated 89. Whether my review is eligible for the contest is immaterial to me, David, so don't worry about it.

I will also be posting Stormbringer 1e material time permitting, which is dated 1981, although as it is not so obscure. Whatever the case, I hope to see more ORPGAD posts in the weeks to come.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't worried about it at all Tedankhamen, rather, if CL was going to stretch the rules of his own competition then I might consider blogging about a game that was also published in the early 90s. In other words thanks for making your post. :-)

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