The five games that are floating in my mind now.



Herb Nowell said...

What that edition of C&S instead of the FGU ones? One of my great regrets was losing my copy of the red book.

I think I have the simplified book of that version but I never really got into it.

Catacomb librarian said...

The edition depicted is the fourth edition by Brittannia/Maple Leaf game design.

It is a good and decent edition, albeit not as fascinating as the red book IMHO.

Copies of the Red book pop up now and then on ebay, but they usually sell at high price, and moreover it is difficult to find a copy which is not battered because the spine of the C&S redbook was not very solid.

Herb Nowell said...

My Red Book had fallen apart and was three hole punched and in a notebook by 1983.

Have you found a copy of the cleaned up Red Box (by the original authors) from around 2000 called The C&S Red Book. A deliberate choice was made to retain as much of the original text as possible.

Distribution of read only copies was encouraged.

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