Beasts, men & gods (1980)

So, somehow i missed this post at Grognardia.

I know this old fantasy rpg (see here),  though i never had the chance to play it.

Of particular interest to me is one of the comments left at the above-mentioned blog, where you can read:

"I remember the game fondly.  It is not "just another D&D clone."  It has the best combat system of any fantasy RPG I've ever played, and it's not a darned thing like D&D.  The magic system is less wonderfully unique, but still has enough change from D&D I find it insulting to call it a clone."

So i grabbed my copy of Pegasus magazine, issue #8 and i realized that even back in time this obscure fantasy rpg got a quite positive review, as you can see:

So, first of all, thank you Vault keeper (where are you now? it seems your blog vanished) for bringing this game alive again for our generation!

All this makes me want to try to play this game, after so much hesitation.

Not everyone knows that there exists just one single BIG adventure module which was published for "Beasts, men & gods" and it's called "Ice Tower of the frozen wind".

I own a copy of this module, and in the meantime i decided to begin sharing the synopsis (but i'll write more about it in the future).

And do not forget to order your copy of this obscure fantasy rpg here!

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