Highlighting all the 32 classes of Arcanum: the Beastmaster

One of the most delightful aspect of this old fantasy rpg is the multitude of classes available. It's gorgeous to read all the features of each one, i find it so inspiring.

So,let me show you this wonderful alternative to AD&D back in the days (1984) (see here).

 The image below is just an experiment for now, i'll try to put a sort of full screen image for each class later, if this project arouses enthusiasm or any kind of interest.


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Alec Semicognito said...

In my current Arcanum campaign, there's a small child (the son and nephew of two of my other players) who plays a Beastmaster. Although the character is an andaman panther-man, he speaks Canine and has tried again and again to call and befriend a fox. At level 3, he has finally succeeded, and in any given situation he will role-play his relationship with the fox, asking him if he likes fish, making sure he's got a safe place to sleep, etc. I hope he remembers to befriend more powerful animals as he levels up.

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