Prince valiant (1989)

After having unearthed "The Compleat Warlock", "Spawn of Fashan", "Proportional combat system" and other exquisite obscurities, it's time for another little gem coming from 1989.

Judging from a couple of reviews which can be read on Amazon website, it seems this game deserves the attention of us- senior players and game masters.

For instance, Mr. Aaron Zirkelbach tells us: "By far, the most underrated RPG of all time"- and someone else informs us that "Prince Valiant" is "quick, clever and virtually unknown".

You can read both reviews here.


mwschmeer said...

You, sir, are my hero.

faoladh said...

That's one of the games that I regret passing over when I had the chance.

perdustin said...

As a game, Prince Valiant is quite good.

As an introductory game, it's close to perfect.

Thank you, as always

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