The Lost Shrine of Kasar-Khan (1985)

Today i thought it was a good idea to share with you two rare adventures for AD&D from the past.


The Complete Dungeon Master is a series of adventures published by Beast Enterprises between 1984 and 1987. Designed by Simon Forrest and Basil Barrett under the Tortured Souls name, the modules were intended for use with any fantasy roleplaying game system. Rules are included for playing the adventures using D&D, AD&D or Runequest. Each scenario came with detailed colour floorplans of the complexes, produced by Endless Games (II), along with a DM's screen and atmospheric handouts.
The campaign is predominantly a wilderness adventure with each module featuring a 'dungeon' to explore. These take the form of ruined Dwarven complexes, with the exception of CDM4, 'The Feathered Priests', in which the action takes place in a mountaintop monastery.
Four installments were published:
Info about the adventures, with links to the descriptions, can be found here.
I'm bringing you the first two adventures today, and as you can see they are even out-of-print at Noble Knight website, check this link to see- so please don't forget to join my blog and share the links if you appreciate my work and efforts.
You can find other interesting info here .

Enjoy the first two of these modules, grabbing them HERE. and HERE.


Alec Semicognito said...

Thanks as always!

biopunk said...

Thanks for these & the Tortured Souls! #7

Greyhawk Knight said...

Now, if you managed to give us the missing 5th part of the campaign ("Shallow Water, something something") that would be awesome.

I once read a forum or blog post talking about the manuscript or office copies or similar being out in the open, in the possession of some collector.

Catacomb librarian said...

I'm afraid i don't have it.

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