Gemini (The Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Game) [1998]

Although Gemini is classed as a Dark Fantasy roleplaying game - (It was originally published in swedish, and afterwards it was translated into english language), it would be more accurate to class it as Gothic Medieval. Packaged in a beautifully presented hardcover, Gemini had me hooked before I had even opened it to the first page.

The Sun has been veiled and the Dark Martyr released. An ancient darkness emerges from beyond the Iron Gate, waking the slumbering demons that feed on human faltering, egotism and cruelty.

Pious priests and valiant Knights Templar behold in terror as the Darkness infiltrates the Church's inner circles, seducing the sacrosanct. The powerful sovereigns of mankind stand divided, foolish enough to decline the peace offered to them by their archenemy the Church, refusing to unite with them in the struggle against the growing Darkness.

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