Wizards of the lost kingdom

One of the early goals of my blog was to highlight forgotten fantasy movies together with obscure fantasy role-playing games. I think i stressed it many years ago, in some of my first posts. But then somehow i focused my attention almost exclusively on the pen and paper side.

Obviously, there are more obscure fantasy games out there than obscure fantasy movies - nonetheless, there are some flicks which deserves attention. One of the pre-requisite to appreciate these movies is probably to be able to easily fall in love with the underrated, be it a movie or a boxed set of a game no one nowadays talks about.

I am very prone to this kind of feeling (and you know that if you follow this blog), so today while perusing some old files on my laptop it occurred to me that this is still a somewhat unfulfilled feature of my blog, and that it's about time to bring to your attention some of these films.

"Wizards of the lost Kingdom" (1985) represents what comes to my mind when i imagine playing Dungeons & Dragons. Honestly. I imagine such an outlandish, psychedelic turmoil.

One month ago someone uploaded the entire movie on Youtube, you can now watch it in all its glory (it's dubbed in english language, with finnish subtitles).


Matthew Schmeer said...

Holy shit! Parts of this movie are totally patched together with pieces of Roger Corman's Sorceress!:


and Deathstalker

Laurent Fidelle said...

Realy good, makes me wanted to gamemaster ! Totally fantasy rpg, I thought it could be a good Dark eye game

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