First reactions to Clark Ashton Smith in 1930/40 - II

"I think your magazine (Weird tales) one of the few outposts of the human imagination still left in the age of stale realism, "writes Benjamin De Casseres, of New York City. "I enjoyed particularly in the May issue "The End of the Story" by Clark Ashton Smith, which is not only a philosophical thriller but possesses real literary quality, which is not lost (on the contrary) on readers, such as you have, of imaginative tales."1

1. Benjamin De Casseres was born twenty years earlier than Smith, and died in 1945. The Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature describes him as "newspaperman, drama critic, poet, biographer" and says that his style "tended...toward the hifalutin..." He was a friend of H.L. Mencken

"I want to thank you," writes Carl Wilhelmson, of Phoenix, Arizona, "for the enjoyment i had in reading that superior and fascinating tale, "The End of the Story", by Clark Ashton Smith, in your May issue - and to express my admiration for your taste, since from a prolonged perusal of American magazines i am under the impression that in the publications pretending to culture and sophistication one would look in vain for the writings of anyone of the caliber of Mr. Smith - a true poet."

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