I do not hate AD&D

Though i may give this impression.
And it is not true that i am eschewing it for any reasons.Should i be forced to say at least one thing, i'd probably just say that i find pathetic those at Dragonsfoot forum that talk every single day about it, opening threads restlessly.I regard it as a waste of time.
As someone once said: "too many movies, too little time". I say: "too many rpg's, and just one life".

I love AD&D, how could i not love it considering that it was my introduction to fantasy rpg's?

But Advanced Dungeons & Dragons doesn't hold sway over me.Yes, i did fall in love once, and it was with AD&D that i fell in love. It took place, but that happening alone certainly doesn't prevent me from falling in love again.

Now i feel attracted by the game highlighted in the previous post, and i want to see with my own eyes what its nature is.

My courage quailed for a while when i saw it, because it is another complex game which requires time and effort to be understood, but i must know it notwithstanding.

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