Mythworld rpg

Its author is still alive (Rev Cardwell), it is an old school fantasy rpg (released in 1986), he is still active in the hobby, he released long interview, he is willing to sell remaining copies (boxed sets) of its creation.
And he is President of The Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games

It is "Mythworld", and it has a lot to do with Runequest.

"Mythworld is one of those little desktop jobs you won't find in the game stores, but still has an abundance of ideas to improve the state of the art in game design. It was originally designed as a proposal for RuneQuest 3, but was rejected as being too detailed."

The rest can be read here.

"Back in the 1980-90s I had a book and hobby store and naturally stocked some D&D books. I was totally turned off by the acres of charts and arbitrary rules. I discovered RuneQuest at a game convention and even did some writing for them. When they were ready to produce the third version, I submitted a full game system, which Greg Stafford rejected as too detailed. I published it as Mythworld and because we had lost track of who came up with what, I was given permission to use the Gloranthan critters. I refereed the first demonstration of RQ3 the day before doing the same for Mythworld at Origins '84. Mythworld was published in '85 and we are now finishing the first revision - more of an expansion as the original game was thoroughly playtested before publication. I got in CAR-PGa in 1989 and became a Director and then Chair in 1991. I am currently the second oldest in CAR-PGa, which has three members over 70. We need high school and college members."

the rest can be read here

Another interview here.

As usual, no one ever mentioned all this on blogs, because we are too much concerned with d&d. I hope to fix things a little bit with my contribution.Thanks Mr. Cardwell.

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