The game held in abomination that you own

As for me, it is the so-called fantasy heartbreaker "Of Gods and men", which i bought on ebay some time ago but never actually played. The interior art is rubbish, but the cover is not so bad. Should i devote time grasping the rules' concepts? I am doubtful.


purestrainhuman said...

I was suprised when Ron Edwards dropped that name. I found it at a Half Price Books and picked it up for a song, figuring as cheap as I got it, it couldn't possibly underwhelm me. I was wrong. It wasn't horrible, I just didn't see anything in it that set it apart from any of the other hundred FRPGs out there. I've certainly seen worse, but I doubt I'll ever open it again.

Catacomb librarian said...

i'm not sure it's so horrible or unplayable, but it's just not my game..

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