Least played (or known) science fiction RPG'S

I'm not used to asking questions on my blog, but this time i'm going to make an exception and i decided that i will leave one here for posterity.

Without further ado:

Is there a science-fiction role playing game that you have always wanted to try and play but never did due to a difficulty in obtaining a copy to read? I mean, not only a physical copy, but even a PDF copy or a photocopy set. I'm talking about obscure SF rpg's.

Maybe this game pops up from time to time on ebay and you can't afford the price or you hesitate because you aren't sure of its value.
So it's clear that i'm not talking here about widely known SF RPG'S such as Traveller, Space master, Space opera, Cyberspace, Cybergeneration, and the like.

I put some pictures of potential candidates, feel free to add others as you see fit.


Randall said...

I have all of the above as well as Starfaring (Ken St. Andre's very early, very humorously illustrated SF game published by Flying Buffalo about a year before Traveller was published as I recall.

One early DF game I've never seen is Space Quest. It was written by Paul Hume and George Nyhen and published in 1977 by Tyr Gamemakers Ltd (who also published the first edition of Bushido).

I also used to have a copy of a looseleaf format RPG called Star Rovers, published by Archive Miniatures of all perople in the early 1980s. It was volume 1 although I don't think there were any other volumes. Unfortunately I lost it shortly after I bought it and never saw another copy.

David Macauley said...

I must admit I've never had a desire to play a hard sci-fi game. I don't mind post-apocalyptic and sword & planet style games, but buzzing around in space just never did it for me in a RPG.

I have a hardback copy of Living Steel but haven't made time to read it. One day I'll print a copy of Starfaring (as mentioned by Randall above) just because I love the look and the era. Oh and I have a softback copy of the Goblinoid Games reprint of FGU's Starships & Spacemen, but I'm ashamed to say I still haven't read that one either.

irbyz said...

@Randall: good call on Starfaring: rather too far ahead of its time (before Metamorphosis Alpha, as well as Traveller) and like many others in that early bunch (Bunnies and Burrows? ;) did unfortunately get swept aside when the powers-that-be bankrolled the idea that "role-playing game" meant "games like D&D" rather than "role-playing game"...

Not a huge number of obscure SF RPGs around and most of those don't sell for much, thankfully - all the above examples can be had for $25 or so. There are a few somewhat more awkward; Outime and Earth 2020, for two?

The Flying Falafel Brothers said...

I had a copy of Tyr Games Space quest and excellent game it was. To this day its the only RPG I have played an extensive solo campaign. It did have bit of a DnD in space meets Star Trek.

I wish I still had my copy or even a decent scan

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