The dilemma of armoured wizards in AD&D

In AD&D i have always used this rule. Today i want to share it, it is rare stuff because it comes from "Australian Realms", issue 13 (here),one of the most elusive fantasy magazines around (good luck to find those issues on ebay).

But i don't want to store this treasure jealously, so here it is. To me, this is bible. The philosophical thought of Mr. Paul Mitting is the truth, concerning this topic.

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Tony said...

Nice find! I'd like to see the armored mage's experience level incorporated into the chance of successful spellcasting. The article states that "familiarising the body to the... armour is predominately a function of time," yet a 20th level wizard is just as likely to fail as a 1st level novice of the same intelligence. Say, add the spellcaster level to the character's Int. score as a bonus and subtract the level of the spell being cast as a penalty.

This system presented is very similar to the "Arcane Spell Failure Chance" rules for armor in d20/D&D 3e. An armored spellcaster has a straight percent chance to miscast an arcane spell, regardless of character level or intelligence.

Some example failure chances:

Light shield 5%
Heavy shield 15%
Tower shield 50%
Leather Armor 10%
Chain Shirt 20%
Chain Mail 30%
Half Plate Armor 40%
Full Plate Armor 35%

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