Heroes 1.1

It seems to be official, today i received an e-mail from David Millward, sent to me and to other 13 guys, here it is:


Well thank you all for your very positive and encouraging responses to the news that I am planning to re-issue Heroes. You have given me a great deal to think about and I will be investigation and mulling over all the ideas that you have come up with.

The general idea is to continue development of the tactical skirmish rules and continue play-testing both these and Heroes itself, with a view to publishing Heroes 1.1 around September 2012.

With this in mind, myself and a few friends are getting together in the Red Cow pub in Nantwich to play Heroes and the skirmishes that it generates over the weekend 12th to 15thApril. If any of you are able and would like to come along and join us, you would be most welcome. We have booked the function room from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday. If you would like to come for either or both sessions, or even part sessions then please let me know as soon as you are able. The pub does B&B and there are still a couple of rooms available.

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