Chivalry & Sorcery

"I'm french and a long time gamemaster ( though I dont have time for this hobby since many years ) , using a lot of RPGs. I always longed to find or try the legendary C&S without any results. I really love FGU games and I thought it was equivalent in quality as Sworbearer and so on. A week ago , I photocopied a complete .pdf of the hardly available C&S 1st edition. And I was amazed !!!! Why a game of such quality , such nearly perfection was so "underground" ??? Reading it , I'm still impressed of what was done ! System , background , everything ( god ! Magick is a marvel ! )... AD&D , I practiced a lot in campaign , doesn't at all compare ... Pendragon is a joke comparatively ... Incredible ! Now , I'm trying to find time to play RPG again , using C&S 1st ed. 


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Anonymous said...

"Pendragon is a joke comparatively." Wow, that's pretty harsh. IMO Pendragon is a great blend of setting and system.

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