Maya predicted the end of D&D by 2012

Thoughts experiments. I revel in them. They just pop up in my mind unexpectedly.

So, you already know it. Maya predicted the end of Dungeons & Dragons once and for all by 2012.

You just have a bunch of days left to play it. Your own life will be spared, but not your handbooks and manuals. They are going to vanish all of a sudden, 2012/12/21, devoured by a metaphysical entity known as "The incorporeal eater".

That said, you have just 1 minute, not more, to decide which game you'll play instead of it. You will be bound by your decision for the rest of your lifetime.
Now choose.


5stonegames said...

Boy do you have it in for D%D ;)

However I'll play with just one choice?

Easy as Pie, GURPS.

I was a GURPS only guy for many years and especially with G4E I can pretty much play anything decently well.

I recently finished a very fun fantasy game and I've no doubt I could manage anything else my heart desired.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Labyrinth Lord. :-P

Catacomb librarian said...

ehm...retro clones obviously don't count..

Anonymous said...

No retro-clones? Ah, those spoilsport Mayans!

OK then, I was tempted to pick RuneQuest but no, my selection would be Palladium Fantasy RPG.

Mustaine HF said...

I'll go with Dangerous Journeys so.

Omlet said...

Melanda, but you must finally send it to me :D

Catacomb librarian said...

be patient, i don't forget promises.

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