The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (original from Gygax)

Ok, so what do i actually have on my HD?

I cannot seem to identify this.

Maybe a sort of pre-production version of this AD&D adventure?
I am not an AD&D expert anymore, so any hints is appreciated.

Some images are attached below.

www.ImageBanana.com - l1.jpeg www.ImageBanana.com - l2.jpeg


The Grey Elf said...

This was the original version produced when this was run as a tournament module at Winter Con V (indicated on the title). The rules set is original D&D (woodgrain/white box) It was later revised and offered for sale as the classic TSR AD&D module we know.

Timothy Brannan said...

WotC had it on their site a while back as a freebie.

David Macauley said...

The Acaeum site describes the history of the module.

Catacomb librarian said...


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