Rare and obscure fantasy rpgs galore - PART II

 "What Price glory?!", again. See here.

 High Fantasy. I know many are interested in this.

 Kabal, this is a unique fantasy rpg published in 1980 and that was much vituperated, undeservedly.
It sells for this amount on Noble knight, see this link.
 Lands of adventure, by FGU. So Great a game.
 People should talk every day on blogs of this. Written by Dave Arneson and my beloved Richard Snider (the latter the creator of Powers & Perils).
 Perhaps my most cherished boxed set, that of Chivalry & Sorcery 2nd edition.
 Get rid of all AD&D rules on magic and use this instead. You won't be disappointed.By the same creator of "Arcanum" fantasy rpg (see previous gallery to get a glimpse of it).
 OMG. Mage by Wilf Backhaus. If you want to feel what real magick is.
 Again, C&S 2nd edition boxed set.

High Fantasy in all its glory. Now i'm looking for the 1st edition of this game, which i'm still missing.

The back of KABAL boxed set. This game was advertised on Dragon magazine in the past, but i think the ad went somewhat unnoticed.

 The Compleat Arduin. Not the same as Arduin trilogy.

 Rolemaster 2nd edition boxed set. Together with Chivalry & sorcery one of the few games written by demi-gods. Just when you believe AD&D is all life can give, you should turn the gaze on this boxed set.
Wow, Dragonquest 1st edition boxed set. Love this game.
 I just wanted to show how thick is WPG. One of the most inspiring old fantasy rpg ever created, i'll talk on this someday. It was self-published and it is likely only one hundred copies exist.

KABAL, again.
The rare adventure, originally written for AD&D-that we have been playing.


James Mishler said...

Wow, that's a hell of a data drop right there...

I've heard of What Price Glory, but never read it.

I flipped through High Fantasy many, many years ago at a distributor's warehouse, and remember being unimpressed even then (ca. 1984?). But that was the age when "newer and shinier" was better...

I actually got to play KABAL at GenCon with the designers, again many years ago, when they had a big booth and everything. It was a fun game, though whether that was because of the system or because I played a character named and modeled after Groo the Wanderer I cannot recall...

I owned and read through Lands of Adventure, shortly after it was released (again, many years ago). Unimpressed then, and much put off by a clunky system, but the anthropologist in me today makes me wish I had kept it... I think there was something more to it that I just didn't grasp as a callow youth.

I own a signed copy of Adventures in Fantasy. Proof in the pudding there of where Dave would have gone with D&D, and an early indicator of where Richard was going with his designs...

C&S, like Lands of Adventure, seemed to me to be more than needful at the time... still is, really, but lots of neat detail to crib from.

The Compleat series was awesome, always cool for more spells. There were two other books in that series, IIRC, before they combined and fixed them together in the Arcanum (the lead-in to Talislanta, of course).

Mage. Heard of it, seen the cover, but is a mystery to me what is inside...

Complete Arduin. Not nearly as cool as the original, sadly...

Rolemaster... or as we used to call it, Chartmaster. Awesome, awesome game if you like rolling dice. I liked using it as a supplement to D&D, as was originally intended. As its own game, there was just... so... much. This, I say, being a fan of Gary's Dangerous Journeys: Mythus. But in Mythus, the rolling and crunching was all in character creation, while in RM the rolling was for everything after, as well...

DragonQuest... never got a chance to read or play that one.

Nine Doctrines of Darkness... better than the Temple of Athena, not as cool as the Town of Joundan. But then, I love towns.

frothsof said...

Truly amazing collection!

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