Time to begin with Powers & Perils lessons.


Many out there probably believe my favourite fantasy rpg of all time is "Powers & Perils". It is not, though i basically concur with the phrase you can read at P&P official website:

"Powers and Perils has been described the most elegant roleplaying game, as well as the most complex game ever developed"

Anyway, today i read this on Acaeum forum (here):

Badmike wrote:
Back to Worst Game System, did anyone here ever try to play Powers and Perils?  I don't have a copy anymore but I distinctly remember saying "WTF?" several times while reading through the boxed set.

Mike B.

I want to like this game, I really do.  I have a couple of copies on the shelf.  I attempted to make a character, got about 75% through the process and could not find one of the charts the next step required.  My head 'asploded!  There is a blog (mesmerized by sirens blogspot) and the author is a rabid pro P&P / anti-AD&D supporter.  Loves the game and supposedly played the heck out of it but I just can't wrap my head around the rules...and that's just character creation! 

It is a pity that you (the writer of this) and possibly others couldn't manage to create a character. That it is so difficult a task is a myth, and i want to dispell it.

A new player that recently came to our group said to me that this system is one of the "Three Secrets of Fátima" [...]

Considering all these facts, i want to add today another project to my (already full) list of things to do: Powers & Perils lessons on this blog. First thing could be creating a character. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Teach us Oh Master. :-)

Stephen Strange said...

That reminded my the plethora of people carrying the myth of the incredible difficulty of Dangerous Journeys.

perdustin said...

Send me an e-mail. Good news about Zorin Greystar.

Catacomb librarian said...

e-mail sent.

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