And now i have a copy of the rarest old school fantasy rpg ever published.



and some photos that i took today:

Now you may ask what i would like to do with all the rare material that i have: in particular, i am referring to Acquitaine (see above photos), Nimolee (an alternate version of OD&D that i managed to obtain some months ago), What price glory!?, and Bifrost, Castle perilous, Daemon (an obscure fantasy rpg from 1987 no one seems to be aware about - link here)

I would like to write some clones based on some of these games in the future, or at least share this knowledge in some way.

It took me years in collecting all these precious obscure games and they should really be played nowadays in 2014 by OSR fans, believe me because i gave each of them a cursory reading and i realized their potential.

In the meantime, my original 1984 boxed set copy of Phantasy Conclave is waiting for me and hopefully it will reach my abode soon.

After that happening, i wil say farewell to my collecting obsession because there won't be anything left in the field of old fantasy rpg's that i miss.

You are advised, don't stay here if you want to listen to anything dungeons & dragons related!

Enjoy your stay and become a follower if you want to know all the rest.


Urizen said...

Several of them might be out of copyright. If so, you don't have to clone them - just OCR them.
They may also be covered under Fair Use/CC1, as some RPGs are because their trademark holder does not intend to publish them.

Nicholas Bergquist said...

Have you ever stumbled across Ysgarth? That's one I'd love to find again!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your acquisition!

As for your 'obsession'... It's not an obsession if you eventually stop! :)

In all seriousness, how do you know if you are done if you stop looking?

faoladh said...

Holy cats! A pirate RPG I hadn't heard of previously!

But there it is in J.H. Kim's encyclopedia. I wonder how I missed that one?

Catacomb librarian said...

@Nicholas: yes, i have Ysgarth, and it's quite an interesting game.

I have this if you might be interested:


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