The Obscure fantasy rpg appreciation day 2014: the SECOND contest!

 This was the first contest.Remember?

Every blogger who wish to participate in the event, will have to write a post centered around an obscure/lesser known old-school fantasy rpg, of the kind i write about here on my site (to get a rough idea)..

The post can contain anything related to that game: a rant, a deep analysis, new material, much like the posts created by enthusiasts from all over the blogosphere one year ago.

The game must be fantasy genre and must have been published between 1975 and 1989. These are the two basic and mandatory rules to be followed.

You have 30 days from now to make your post.

You may have noticed that some hidden gems has been recently unveiled by me on these pages, so you have an advantage now, since you could dig something out of those games as well.

I will choose the best post among those that will be published and then bestow my gift.

So, time to share the love for obscure fantasy role-playing games of the past!

You have plenty of time ahead of you to write your shining post. Good luck.

The gift this time will be a surprise for the winner.


Luca Lorenzon said...

Wow, You posted a picture of "L'Ultima Eclisse"! I wrote about it on the Italian webzine "DM Magazine".


Tedankhamen said...

I can never figure out how to download from the links you give! Is that Russian? I press buttons randomly, get pop ups, then get scared and give up.

Catacomb librarian said...

yes Luca, i want to buy "L'ultima eclisse" even if they say it's an heartbreaker.

@Tedank: i really can't understand where is the problem, there's nothing to fear, no viruses and such..in the case of SOF it was grabbed more 349 times!

Tony said...

It's that time of year again! Time to bring another obscure RPG to an unsuspecting world. Maybe my "Complete Works of Zorin Greystar" will get a friend. :)

Luca Lorenzon said...

@ Tedankhamen: when the count down is over just click on the right button (the red one as far as I remember).

Roguelantern said...

Acirema Mountain will take part!


Anonymous said...

The Blog of Lutonaut has written an article...


Roguelantern said...

Hear hear!

Related to the ORPGAD 2014 blog post, Acirema mountain has published the english translation of the first Finnish RPG called "The Secret Treasure of Raguoc in the Acirema Dungeons".

Both rulebooks are now available as free downloads!


Took a few hundred hours but we got it done :)

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