Ysgarth 6th edition got! (and trying to find a review - help needed)

Today i bought Ysgarth 6th edition (this one).


I already had a previous version of the game, but not complete, so i decided i had to get it. I don't know why, but Ysgarth has been on my mind recently.

I read Ysgarth for the first time after being already acquainted with Powers & Perils rpg, so i was "strong" enough to grasp its concepts instead of hopelessly drowning into it (in fact, that's what i said some time ago to my players: if you manage to grasp P&P rpg, you won't fear anything anymore).

Ysgarth is a strange combination of P&P and Rolemaster, in a certain sense.

There are a lot of formulaes (like P&P) but at the same time (particularly in the 6th edition that i bought today) there are supplemental tables for many rules (that is, first of all they describe to you the official rule and afterwards you find a table next to it where there are alternate approaches that you can choose instead of the standar mechanic).

Ysgarth fascinates me a lot and maybe it will replace in my heart the postion currently held by Powers & Perils someday in the future.

I'll post more as soon as the book (104 pages) reaches me.

In the meantime, i was quite surprised in not being able to find Ysgarth review neither in Dragon magazine nor in White dwarf issues.

The only review that i could find was in a Space gamer issue (#83).

How is this possible? Am i just blind or can you help in finding other Ysgarth reviews?

I find it odd that there exists only the SG review of this game, albeit Ysgarth has never been a well-known fantasy rpg.

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Nicholas Bergquist said...

I am green with envy! Kudos. That edition was one I never had (I had the first and second editions, I think).

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