A foreign rarity

This is one of the rarest RPG that I own.
I think I should translate it into English one day. A so called "fantasy heartbreaker" which you may mine for unusual ideas.


The Angry Monk said...

The covers look intriguing. 😉

Luca Lorenzon said...

Actually, nothing special... I wrote about it in an old webzine (you may read my article here: http://dmmagazine.blogspot.it/2016/03/un-fulgido-esempio-di-trash-ultima.html).

If you are interested in Italian rpgs I dare to suggest you Kata Kumbas (based on Italian folklore but with a funny touch, recently converted for Savage Worlds: http://lucalorenzon.blogspot.it/2016/06/kata-kumbas-edizione-selvaggia.html), I Signori del Caos, the beautiful Lex Arcana and I Cavalieri del Tempio.

Yes, Ultima Eclisse covers by Stefano Sacco are intriguing but if you check them real-size you will note the artist was not the best! Still fascinating, nonetheless.

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