Vote for this!

Now let's do something interactive and see how many votes this series of module gets.

It's your time to throw a vote to let everyone know if you would like what's in the picture on my blog.


Matthew Schmeer said...

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Jeremy Smith said...

God yes please

Darn I Zhaan said...

looks good

The Angry Monk said...

I'm not sure what I'm voting for. Am I voting for which of the modules I like?

Tony said...

Yes. Yes, of course.

Alec Semicognito said...

YES please

knobgobbler said...


Alfons H. said...

As they say in Boston "Vote early and vote often."


Anonymous said...

Short answer: Yes, please share.

Long answer: Any time that the history of pen-and-paper roleplaying games may be preserved by spreading copies about, please do so. This history is important to all of us (even if "serious" historians may be uninterested) and it's preservation gives us many insights into how the industry operated, not to mention the mindset of society at the time and the evolution of the game mechanics themselves.

Charlie Warren said...

Hell YES!

grodog said...

I'm not sure what we're voting for either, but if it is voting for a scan of the modules being distributed, I would like to vote NO, for two reasons:

1) Black Blade recently licensed RJK's four Maze of Zayene modules, and is working to bring them back into print in their original 1e format,


2) Rob Kuntz is nearly done compiling a 2 DVD scanning project that will publish over 1300 of his original manuscripts from the Lake Geneva campaigns that he DM'd for. My guess is that if Rob saw folks actively sharing scans of his works, that he might decide to cancel this project, which would be a huge historical loss to the gaming community.

However, if I have misinterpreted the original post, do please illuminate me further!


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