Basic or Advanced?

As i said, yesterday, here they are: better resolution scans of an article contained in issue 3 of Imagine magazine.

One of the most interesting quote i found in this article when i read it, is this:
"Basic D&D feels as if you are playing a game, whereas Advanced D&D can feel
as if you are taking part in a fantasy novel".

Oddly enough, this is exactly what my first DM taught me when i encountered AD&D as a teenager. A lot of attention was given to the role-playing aspect, and together with the rules so detailed, i really grasped how important it was to be able to recreate an illusion, that is, to give flesh to dreams.

From there, i then moved to more complex fantasy rpg's, to pursue the same, the Grand Illusion. But this is another story.

 20187304_1.jpeg 20187305_2.jpeg 20187306_3.jpeg 20187308_4.jpeg 20187309_5.jpeg


Ron said...

I would highly recommend you not use imgchili to host your images. They're a malware site and in my RSS reader opened up to a streaming porn cam. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

good article thanks for the scans

Catacomb librarian said...

you are right, i'll use something else.

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