Imagine magazine issue #3

Again, Grognardia is talking about another issue of Imagine magazine.

Again, i appreciate a lot his reviews, but at the same time i wonder how eagerly anyone not owning any of them may crave for them (i hope this convoluted english sentence is understandable).

It must be painful after all.

Fortunately, i have all of them in electronic format. I still have to put issue 2 available, but today he is reviewing issue number three.

So, here it is an article taken from its pages.
I still have to figure out if there is interest in this, since i received just two comments so far.

By the way, i know the quality is not outstanding, i'll try to upload better resolution later. Image Hosted at ImageLodge.net Image Hosted at ImageLodge.net Image Hosted at ImageLodge.net


perdustin said...

I very much appreciate the items you share.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this and all the things that you share

dervishdelver said...

The review at Grognardia made this issue sound meh. But it is some interesting history and I enjoyed looking at issue 1. Would appreciate seeing the other issues too.

Andrew Sherman said...

Hoping you can put up #2 some time. Thanks

Catacomb librarian said...

i will.

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