The Music of Erich Zann (1980)

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Based upon the short story of H. P. Lovecraft (which the author listed as one of his personal favourites), this is the 1980 adaptation, directed by John Strysik.

The naïve young Charles Dexter Ward finds himself staying at a boarding house on the mysterious street Rue D’Ausiel during his studies in Paris .  In his room each night he hears haunting violin music emanating from the building’s top floor, where, he learns, an old man named Erich Zann lives.  He convinces Zann to play for him one night, but when he asks the old man to play the eerie refrain that drew Ward to him, Zann violently refuses and asks the building’s proprietor to re-locate Ward on a lower floor.

The music continues to haunt Ward’s dreams, however.  One night he hears a falling sound from Zann’s upstairs room and knocks on the door to see if he’s okay.  Zann invites him in and promises to write down the full explanation of his “blasphemies.”  After he’s filled several handwritten pages, however, strange tones are heard coming from Zann’s curtained window; the musician grabs his violin and commences playing it in an apparent attempt at keeping whatever is lurking outside at bay.  During the melée Zann’s papers are blown through the window and Ward takes the opportunity to part the curtains and look out...and is confronted with all manner of unearthly visions.


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