Imagine magazine issue #1

So i noticed that on Grognardia website James started to comment on Imagine issues, that is quite interesting and i applaude at this idea, anyhow i couldn't help but wondering: "is this not pointless without giving people the chance to actually read these and making ideas of their own"?

Of course, i'm talking about those (few?) who could not afford to get  physical issues of this magazine.

So, here it is the experiment: as soon as Grognardia publishes reviews of single issues, i will make them available here.

But i repeat, it is just an experiment, should i realize there is no interest in this, i will immediately cease.

To start, Imagine issue #1.



Mustaine HF said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea. Thanks! Talking about it is really of little use without it being available to people.

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