And AD&D at last!


And at last i am playing ad&d 1st edition in the ravenloft setting.
In fact, my players were transported to the land of mists due to them owning the terrible tome of darkness, and that item attracted the attention of the dark powers.
Who could have imagined that i would end up doing that?
So no more powers & perils at least for now. And on my blog there will appear posts concerning Advanced d&d. In other words, i'll be compelled to perform blasphemous deeds.

It will be a very house-ruled version.

First of all, as i said, we are playing Ravenloft using 1st edition AD&D rules and i don't honestly know if this works smoothly considering this setting was created with 2nd edition in mind.

As for the rules, we'll be using the alternative combat system as detailed in the "Proportional combat system"(link), so no segments and the like.

As for proficiencies, i am considering using the alternative method as specified in Dragon magazine #225 (link) which seems more logical to me.

The magician in my group of players is being instructed by me about the spell-point system as found in "Spells & Magic" supplement for 2nd edition, because i have always disliked the "throw and forget" official method devised by Jack Vance and subsequently used in most of the campaigns. Besides, i have always deemed it to be superior to the traditional method.

Also, magicians can wear any kind of armor provided they are willing to suffer these penalties (link).

All in all, i enjoy immensely Ravenloft and when we are immersed in this setting i end up not paying so much attention at the rules because the setting is so absorbing and fascinating.

The main reason i switched to AD&D is because it was too painful to try to convert old TSR modules to Powers & Perils rules, and the fact is that i do want to play those modules.

As time passes, i realize more and more that i'll never be able to play al the fantasy games that were published in the history of the hobby, time is tyrant and that is just not possible (provided that i could learn all those different rule-systems). I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to play such a niche game as Powers & Perils for more than two years with five regular players. These are experiences that i'm going to treasure and cherish.

But now i am in AD&D, Ravenloft, and i cannot linger on those memories any more.

Recently i started to buy old MERP modules, and i am developing a tremendous desire to play it- my players as well- so who knows where this blog is heading in the future... but one thing is certain, i still consider myself a collector and the main goal of this blog has not changed.

Recently, i received a couple of e-mails and messages asking me help to obtain information about "obscure" old fantasy role-playing games such as The Compleat Warlock or SOF and even modules (PCS), and it is when i fulfill these kind of requests that i feel i accomplished something lasting for the hobby.

So, i find myself among the multitude of AD&D players now, but don't get cheated by the mask i am wearing.

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The Angry Monk said...

Sounds very cool. Thanks for all the info on playing 2nd ed. stuff in 1st ed. I appreciate your work and links highly!

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