Bifrost (1977) - part I

An altogether more comprehensive RPG than T & T or others. This RPG was published in four volumes over easily as many years and has long been out of print. It tries to be more realistic (if one can have realistic fantasy) with more than a nod to 'proper' wargaming. There are signs of interest again in this RPG as people rediscover it and realise that its adult approach chimes with the more mature fantasy now being written, e.g. Game of Thrones and the Malazan series.

Bifrost is a complex RPG system dating from the late 70s and has a distinctly British (or even more parochially, English) feel to it. Whilst it is a serious game there's an understated humour that underlines it.

The authors of the original three volumes - Faerie, Combat and Magic were G.Highley, S. Johnson, K. Minear and K.White and little more is known about them.

After many years of being moribund there seems to be a few signs of life with a number of devotees of old forgotten RPGs (and Bifrost certainly falls into those categories) seeking the books.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the analysis of this little-known RPG.

Tony said...

Did you have any luck finding Volumes 2-4 of this RPG? I haven't found any of them yet.

Catacomb librarian said...

I own all the four volumes now.

There is so much meat here. Considering the status of rarity of this, i was planning sort of a glorious cover-to-cover.

Tony said...

Sweet! This will be a great series.

Alec Semicognito said...

Great that you got all the volumes. I had read somewhere that they didn't all come out. Glad someone was devoted enough to disprove that.

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