Old fantasy role-playing games available in 2014 - The complete list

When i read this today, it occurred to me that many osr devotees may be unaware of the existence of old games that are still available nowadays.

So, here is a succinct list of old fantasy role-playing games that anyone can still find on the web (sometimes free of charge), and that one can consequently play at his/her own pace.

Far from being a quixotic goal, there are still plenty old fantasy games floating on the web, in their full or almost complete form. Often what you need to do is just to download them and play.


ARDUIN (revised edition of "The Arduin trilogy"): (link)

[The Compleat Arduin avalable for free here]


BEASTS, MEN & GODS: (link)


PHANTASY CONCLAVE: (link) [available as a new, revised edition under a different name]




YSGARTH: (link)

I purposedly omitted from the list:

Heroes (just because it is more historical than it is a fantasy game, nevertheless the new edition is here)

Vikings & Valkyrs (not cited because it is still a work in progress, though you can read several original pages here. And by the way, this is a fantasy game, not an historical one. I read it, trust me).

With this list i hope to offer a service to OSR newcomers and to anyone who may have missed some of the links above.

No excuses...instead of buying a new osr clone or simulacrum, history awaits!
It is a click away.


Bhoritz said...

For fantasy, I would add the Conan game from TSR, in its SeFRS version (same game, without Hyborian stuff).
For other periods, I reviewed a few here
Retrogaming and retroclones

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your effort.

Hamel™ said...

The Arduin Trilogy exists also in PDF version.


Catacomb librarian said...

Wow didn't know a pdf version existed.and it's cheap,too

Anonymous said...

You can add Ysgarth to this list: http://www.fontcraft.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=roleplaying

Catacomb librarian said...

thanks, i missed that!

Anonymous said...

Empire of the Petal Throne

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