Reich star (1991)

"In an alternate universe, history took a terrifying turn for the worse during World War II, with the Axis Powers conquering the globe. Nearly 200 years later the '"Third Reich" and the "Empire of Nippon" have spread their reach to off-world colonies far beyond our Solar System, enslaving the technologically inferior alien species they have so far encountered, and maneuvering their might against each other in an ever threatening Cold War. In the midst of this darkness many resistance groups have emerged to fight against the Nazi tyranny. The player characters belong to one of these groups, and fight to overthrow the Third Reich and restore freedom and democracy to Erde and her colonies."

Text taken from Wikipedia


Tedankhamen said...

Oh wow, I remember reading about this back in the day. I think the 80s were still close enough to WWII that the setting came as a shock. Now it just seems quaint.

Luca Lorenzon said...

Never ever heard about this game. Seems interesting. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

OK... What did you do with the real Catacomb Librarian?

First, you're playing AD&D and enjoying it.

Now you're highlighting a game that isn't from the 1970s or 80s and isn't medieval fantasy.

Hey, if you keep this up, maybe you'll unearth the mythical TSR vapo-RPG, "Proton Fire." Now that would be quite a read!

Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work.

Jonas said...

Back in the 90's there was finnish rpg titled "Hiljaisuuden vangit" (Prisoners of silence) about Finland in world where nazis won the WW2. Very hard to find find as apparently it was too bleak game for anyone to get interested in it.

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