The Abduction of Good King Despot

just bought!

i think this rarity deserved 50 dollars.NK only had one copy of this, and i was after it.

For those who don't know what this module is, look here.

Noble Knight website immediately refreshed the page, you can see that the item in question is sold out as of today, here.

I'll tell everyone on this blog what this adventure is like, because i'm planning to play it, as a series of adventures for a Powers & perils campaign. Sure, i will have to modify several stats because at the time it was published with AD&D in mind.

Anyway, while i wait, we can read this fom a comment at Grognardia here:

The Abduction of Good King Despot (by Will & Schar Niebling and Russ Stambaugh; New Infinities, 1988): This module is the epitome of the "funhouse with internal logic" that I just praised in a post at dragonsfoot -- the dungeon is a completely linear and completely non-ecologized (there are some joking nods to what the monsters do when the PCs aren't around but they're not to be taken seriously) gauntlet of tricks, puzzles, and monsters that at first glance seem completely random and arbitrary but are actually all part of a complex and internally-consistent pattern that clever players will eventually recognize and be able to use to their advantage while less-perceptive players will waste tons of time and resources on red-herrings. This was Gary Gygax's favorite module to run at conventions and it's obvious why -- the combination of whimsy and tough challenges (both tactical and intellectual) represents the best of old-style D&D, and the linear nature makes sure the players will get a good dose of fun in a short time-frame (but that said, neither of the two times I've run it did the party get anywhere near all the way through -- or even halfway).

I'm sure i made an excellent purchase, and as time passes i'm hoarding more and more rarities to my collection...i am happy.


Mars said...

This is a good fun adventure and I believe it truly was one of Gary's favourites. In 2005 Gygax came up to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the Gaming Expo con and the module he wanted to run was Good King Despot. I'm not sure why he didn't bring his own copy but ... ... I loaned him my copy to use at the con and had him sign it afterwards. Its one of the pieces of my collection I cherish the most.

Catacomb librarian said...

thanks for the info Mars, i'm eager to play it and see with my own eyes what its worth.

actually, i'm planning to play it as a series of nine linked adventures for my player (i have a campaign in mind, i think i will write about it).

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