Powers & Perils: review by Matthew J. Costello

So why i am publishing this reviews about P&P?

The author here seems, on the whole, to despise the game.

This is why i'm putting the review, players of the future must know that Powers & Perils is not a game for everyone, that it is a quite different fantasy role-playing experience.

Oddly,part of its fascination stems from such bad reviews, because they highlight its peculiar nature, setting it apart from several other fantasy rpg's. Because it is horrible and incomprehensible to many, but this bizarre complexity attracted others.
Why? No one can tell.

Sure there are and there will always be some to whom P&P amounts to something near perfection, and we can get glimpses of this reading this review as well.The author acknowledges that for some persons, this kind of game might be the right game.

At the end of the review, the author says: "players who demand detail in their fantasy rpg's will find all they desire here"

[...]if there are some rule-devouring sophisticates out there who've swallowed every bit of AD&D, then they just might be looking for this.The detail is overwhelming.

and the phrase i prefer, which i think summarizes the feeling that Powers & Perils conveys when you approach it with an open mind, and get to its heart:

[...] i almost hope that in some bizarre,unimaginable way, it's a masterpiece.

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Hamel™ said...

I pretty agree with the article: all that math and that lack of originality kill the fun if you're not too blind to love it.

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