As our Powers & Perils adventure unfolds

Ennon: Human herbalist, he had to escape from the city because in the past he was accused of murdering a king. Now they are chasing him. He heard bad news about guards that are looking for him,so the tavern owner warns him, he has to escape.

Gunnard Martin: Warrior, he can fight with two weapons (sword and hand axe). He is approached by the elf named Darrel, the elf has a letter to give him. The letter was written by the elven King Locklomin, it is a strange letter where the king tells Gunnard to go to his castle as soon as possible.

Gunnard is flabbergasted when he receives the letter- he never met the elven king Locklomin but his father told him that he was a friend of him in his youth and Gunnard's father even went on war with the king once, where Locklomin eventually saved his life. So Gunnard just doesn't hesitate an instant, and he moves towards the Castle of the seven towers.

At the same time, Gunnard has to stay near Ennon, the herbalist, because he has a wounded limb and the herbalist is the only one able to cure him at the moment. So all the three of them (Darrel, Gunnard and Ennon) starts their journey to the castle.

It seems other persons are interested in reaching the castle, strange figures moving around the city. Is there anything important at the castle waiting to be discovered?

While on journey, Ennon has an odd dream where he sees himself sorrounded by strange tall men clad in black garments, in a frozen land where he alone is roaming. Those men are whispering commandingly something to his ears (or to his brain), he can't understand what THEY WANT. He looks back and sees Darrel with a shining arrow inside his stomach, he seems on the point of dying. 

On their journey, they meet some thieves/bandits, and they have to fight with them.They succeed, and after the fight Gunnard (who has the skill of "executioner" begins torturing one of them). This poor man confesses that a group of 50 of his comrades - all belonging to a sort of sect of thieves- are heading to the castle of the seven towers, because Cebracon, chief of the thieves- ordered them to go on this mission to steal something in the castle. He doesn't know more).

On the following night dark clouds gather in the sky.

During that night, a cloud seems to descend on earth and from it there emerges a nightmarish vision, a creature from the abyss, an Arch-Devil.

As soon as he appears, this music is heard (at the table, by my players):

He says to the characters they have to take something which is hidden at the castle of the seven towers, an object that he himself is not able to take, because King Locklomin's powers prevent him from entering the gate of the castle.

He speaks as if that was an order which cannot be refused by the characters.At the end of this diabolical conversation, he offers to the characters, as a gift (and to help them in their quest)- four objects which are lying on the ground. He promises great wealth to them, should they do his will, and together with the objects there appears a bag full of golden coins on the ground.
The player characters see a green cloak, four azure potions, a glaring ring and a sword.
The characters, scared, decide not to take any of them. The Arch-devil disappears, saying he will chase them and avenge in case they won't do what he ordered. He says they may have a good, enjoyable and long life OR a life full of torments.


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