Announcing "The Compleat Fantasist" project (help needed)

 AT LAST . . . no longer need characters from system be stuck there. And never more will you have to arbitrarily decide how to change personal statistics to fit a different set of rules. Fantasy role playing veteran Mark Wagner gives guidelines to help convert many parts of each system to the others, and describes aspects that don't convert well.

"The compleat fantasist" was published by Dimension six in 1980.


It aims to provide tables in order to enable the conversion among the major fantasy rpg's of that time.
I came to obtain a copy of this little book (i was after it for quite some time), and i am in the process of perusing it.

I would like to post its content on the blog, and i think it would be a great idea to expand its scope.
It actually covers: AD&D, Arduin, Tunnels & Trolls and Runequest.

As it says:

 So, i am looking for help from players worldwide. I could do it myself, maybe, but that would be too demanding to accomplish for just one person.

I am going to contact, at least Chivalry & Sorcery and Powers & Perils fans all around the globe on different forums, as well as Empire of the Petal Throne ones.

If you are one of them and would like to help, stay tuned and don't hesitate to contact me on this blog. In any case, this might be a long-term collective effort.

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Anonymous said...

I think the difficulty is going to be, do you convert directly or have a 'rossetta stone' type intermediary 'stat block' that can be converted to the other systems.

Personally I'd take something like GURPS that has stats, skills, and 'advantages' (other powers/abilities/etc.). Then you convert a given system's units to GURPS, and you can move say from RoleMaster to GURPS to Harn, or D&D to GURPS to Conan, etc. Otherwise you'll have a staggeringly complex matrix just for stats, let alone class abilities/racial powers/talents/whatever.

GURPS is nice because the 3d6 checks give you standard deviations that convert fairly easily from percentiles, etc.

Did you have a cut-off year in mind for game systems?

Anyway I recall that some game or other tried to include conversion stats (was it published by WotC before MtG and all that? Or Atlas? Was Kevin Sembeida (sp) involved in it, or the lawsuit that halted it?) for many games...one company sued to stop though.

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