Why "Spawn of Fashan" haunts me?

Tonight i dreamt that i was playing "Spawn of Fashan", and i'm not joking.

I dreamt that i was playing with several friends of mine, we were sitting around the usual wooden table, and i was DMing with a tome of rules which was similar to an hardcover book, except for the fact that it had apparently no cover, but was just a huge pile of pages binded together. They were a lot, maybe 200 pages or so, resembling the Ad&d DM Guide 1st edition as for the quality of paper and ink.

We were having a LOT of fun, this i remember vividly, and i was calm and serious. The oddity of the dream is that i realized only after some time that i was actually playing using "Spawn of Fashan" rules, and not with AD&D ones.
When i realized this, i was not shocked but in my dream i felt a bit puzzled at how everyone always eschewed this game.

Today i decided to look for information on this game, and apart from this interesting summary compiled by someone who claims to having actually played it, i found an interesting, old review from an issue of "Different worlds" magazine which- surprisingly enough and in line with my dream- tells something positive about this game.

I hope one day to be able to have a physical copy and to try it.

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